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Wireless Transmitter Utility (Win)

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About the Wireless Transmitter Utility

Use the Wireless Transmitter Utility to adjust network settings and the like for WT-7, WT-6, WT-5, and WT-4 wireless transmitters, UT-1 communications units, and cameras with built-in Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet. The software for the WT-4 was called the WT-4 Setup Utility, but now that it supports the WT-5 and other devices the name has been changed to Wireless Transmitter Utility.

  • • This software is for users of WT-7, WT-6, WT-5, and WT-4 wireless transmitters, UT-1 wireless communications units, and cameras with built-in Wi-Fi and/or Ethernet.
  • • Before beginning installation, exit the Wireless Transmitter Utility and all other applications, including any anti-virus software.
  • • When performing the update, log in to an account with administrator privileges.
  • • The software does not support the following WT-4 modes: Thumbnail select mode and Print mode.
  • • Windows security prompts will be displayed two or three times during installation. Click Install to proceed.
  • • Installing the Wireless Transmitter Utility uninstalls the WT-4 Setup Utility.
  • • Users will need to redo the following network profiles (camera network settings) after upgrading from the WT-4 Setup Utility or Wireless Transmitter Utility version 1.3.0:
    • - Image transfer or Camera control mode profiles for D4 cameras connected via Ethernet or WT-5 wireless transmitters
    • - Profiles for the WT-4 (Transfer mode and ftp upload profiles excepted)
  • • Computers may be unable to pair with the camera while connected to a LAN. This can be resolved by disconnecting the computer from the LAN.
  • • Users of Camera Control Pro 2 will need to upgrade to Camera Control Pro 2 version 2.35.1 or later.
  • • Users of NX Tether will need to upgrade to NX Tether version 1.0.3 or later.
  • • Read the information below before proceeding.
Product Description
Name Wireless Transmitter Utility Version 1.9.8
File name S-WTU___-010908WF-ALLIN-ALL___.exe
Copyright Nikon Corporation
Archive type Self-extracting
Reproduction Not permitted
System requirements
Operating system
  • Microsoft Windows 11
  • Microsoft Windows 10
Note: Pre-installed 64-bit editions only.
CPU Intel Celeron, Pentium 4, or Core series, 1.6 GHz or better
RAM 1 GB or more (2 GB or more recommended)
Hard disk space A minimum of 500 MB available on the start-up disk (1 GB or more recommended)
  • Resolution: 1024 × 768 pixels (XGA) or more (1280 × 1024/SXGA or more recommended)
  • Colors: 24-bit color (True Color) or more
Supported devices
  • Z 9, Z 7, Z 7II, Z 6, Z 6II, Z 5, Z fc, Z 50, Z 30, and D780 cameras (compatible with built-in camera Wi-Fi)
  • D6 cameras (compatible with built-in camera Wi-Fi and Ethernet)
  • D5, D4S and D4 cameras (compatible with built-in camera Ethernet)
  • WT-7 wireless transmitters (compatible with Z 7, Z 7II, Z 6, Z 6II, D850, D810, D810A, D780, D750, D500 and D7200 cameras)
  • WT-6 wireless transmitters (compatible with D6 and D5 cameras)
  • WT-5 wireless transmitters (compatible with D5, D4S and D4 cameras)
  • WT-4 wireless transmitters (compatible with D4S, D4, D3X, D3S, D3, D800, D800E, D700, D300S, D300, and D7000 cameras)
  • UT-1 communication units (with or without WT-5, compatible with D4S, D4, D810, D810A, D800, D800E, D750, D7200, D7100, and D7000 cameras)
  • Windows 10: Ad-hoc mode wireless connections are not supported.
  • Using the WT-4 with Windows 11: Under Windows 11, transfer using the WT-4 may be interrupted before Nikon Transfer 2 has finished copying all pictures to the computer. You may still be able to copy pictures twenty or thirty at a time.
Changes from Version 1.9.7 to 1.9.8
  • • Added support for Z 9 firmware version 3.00.
  • • Ended support for Windows 8.1.
  • • Ended use of virtual buses.
Cautions for Users of the UT-1
  • • When a UT-1 is connected to a D4 or D7000 camera, the software will in addition to the Transfer mode and PC mode options display Thumbnail select mode and Print mode options, but latter-named two options cannot be used.
  • • When using the Wireless Transmitter Utility to configure connection settings for a D4S, D4, or D7000, be sure to select WT-4/UT-1 (functions as WT-4) when prompted to select hardware.
  • • When using the Wireless Transmitter Utility to configure connection settings for a D7100 or D800/D800E (firmware versions A 1.10/B 1.10), be sure to select Wired LAN when prompted to select hardware. If you are using a UT-1 with a WT-5 wireless transmitter, select WT-5 (wireless LAN).
  • • When using a D4S or D4 with the UT-1, select WT-4 for Network > Choose hardware in the camera SETUP MENU.
Transferring Movies Recorded with a D4S, D4, D3S, D800, D800E, D300S, or D7000 (WT-4)

Movie transfer is supported in the following modes:

D3S and D300S: Transfer mode
D4S, D4, D800, D800E, and D7000: Transfer mode and PC mode

but note that the Auto send and Send folder options are not supported in Transfer mode.

Follow the steps below to transfer movies in Transfer mode.

  1. Connect in Transfer mode.
  2. Select a movie in full-frame or thumbnail playback.
  3. Select the movie for transfer as described below. Upload will begin immediately.
    D4S and D4: Keeping the OK button pressed, press the center of the multi selector.
    D3S: Keeping the thumbnail/playback zoom button pressed, press the center of the multi selector.
    D800, D800E, and D300S: Press the OK button on the camera.
    D7000: Keeping the BKT button pressed, press the OK button.
  1. Create a folder on the hard disk and name it as desired.
  2. Download the software to the folder created in Step 1.
  3. Run the software to launch the installer.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation.
User's Manual
  • We recommend you read the manual to understand the software basic operations before starting. For your convenience, this manual is also linked from the Help menu in the software.
  •  Wireless Transmitter Utility Help  


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