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NX Studio (Windows)

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About NX Studio

NX Studio software offers a full-fledged suite of intuitive tools for viewing, processing, and editing photos and videos. It combines the photo-and-video-viewing features of ViewNX-i with the photo-processing and retouch tools of Capture NX-D in a single, comprehensive workflow. Not only can it be used to process RAW pictures, but its editing tools—including tone curves and brightness and contrast adjustment—can also be applied to JPEG/TIFF images. It also offers a variety of features for such tasks as editing XMP/IPTC data, managing presets, viewing maps that show shooting locations based on location data embedded in pictures, and uploading pictures to the Web.

  • • This software is distributed as a file named “S-NXSTDO-010100WF-ALLIN-ALL___.exe”. Download and run the file to perform the update.
  • • When performing the update, log in to an account with administrator privileges.
  • • Before launching the installer, exit any other applications that may be running, including anti-virus software.
  • • Read the information below before proceeding.
Product Description
Name NX Studio Version 1.1.0
File name S-NXSTDO-010100WF-ALLIN-ALL___.exe
Copyright Nikon Corporation
Archive type Self-extracting
Reproduction Not permitted
System requirements
Operating system
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Home
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Pro
  • Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Pro
  • Microsoft Windows 8.1 Enterprise
Note: Pre-installed 64-bit editions only.
  • Photos: Intel Core i series or better (multi-core processor recommended)
  • Full HD video editing and playback: Intel Core i5 or better
  • 4K video editing and playback: Intel Core i7 3.5 GHz or better
Note: Video footage may sometimes not play back smoothly even on systems that meet the recommended requirements.
  • 4 GB or more (8 GB or more recommended); 16 GB or more required for the edit of 4K video footage shot with Nikon digital cameras.
Hard disk space A minimum of 1 GB of free disk space available on the start-up disk at installation and when the software is running (3 GB or more recommended)
  • Resolution: 1280 × 720 pixels or more (1920 × 1080 pixels or more recommended)
  • Colors: 24-bit color (True Color) or more
File transfer
  • Interface: Built-in USB port required. File transfer may not function as expected if the camera is connected via a USB hub.
  • Supported digital cameras: Nikon cameras that support MTP/PTP or PTP and Mass Storage.
  • • Nikon Transfer 2 cannot be used with the cameras listed below. Use a card reader to copy pictures to the computer.
  • • The following cameras cannot be connected to a computer for image transfer using Nikon Transfer 2. Use a card reader.
    • - D1, D1X, D1H
Supported digital cameras
  • • The Z 9, Z 7II, Z 7, Z 6II, Z 6, Z 5, Z 50, and Z fc
  • • All Nikon digital SLR cameras from the D1 (released in 1999) to the D780 (released in January 2020) and the D6
  • • All Nikon 1 cameras from the V1 and J1 (released in 2011) to the J5 (released in April 2015)
  • • All COOLPIX cameras from the COOLPIX E100 (released in 1997) to models released in August 2019 and the COOLPIX P950
  • • The KeyMission 360, KeyMission 170, and KeyMission 80
Note: Some of the above products may not have been announced or released in all countries or regions.
Supported file formats
  • • JPEG images (Exif 2.2–2.3 compliant)
  • • NEF/NRW (RAW) and TIFF images, MPO-format 3D images, videos, audio, Image Dust Off data, track log data, and altitude and depth log data created with Nikon digital cameras
  • • NEF/NRW (RAW), TIFF (RGB), and JPEG (RGB) images and MP4, MOV, and AVI videos created with Nikon software
  • Note: For more information on supported formats, see online help.
  • • An Internet connection is required for access to online help, map display, web services, updates, and video-related features.
  • • This SOFTWARE contains YouTube API services originally provided by Google LLC. Use of these services constitutes acceptance of YouTube’s Terms of Service and Google’s privacy policy. Account permissions, including those for this software, can be changed at any time via:
  • • The link with Camera Control Pro 2 via Show Image Immediately After Shooting cannot be used with Camera Control 2 version 2.33.1 or earlier.
  • • Some time may be needed for Nikon Transfer 2 to transfer large quantities of files or data, in which case the pictures should be transferred in small batches.
  • • Playback of ProRes 422 HQ video is not supported.
  • • Playback of H.265 video shot using Nikon cameras requires a plugin. Follow the on-screen instructions when viewing H.265 video.

For information on using this software, select NX Studio Help in the NX Studio Help menu.

Changes from Version 1.0.1 to 1.1.0
  • • Added support for the Z 9.
  • • NX Studio can now link with NX Tether.
  • • NX Studio can now be used to enhance pictures downloaded from the camera via Camera Control Pro 2, Wireless Transmitter Utility, or NX Tether.
  • • The Undo and Redo options in the Edit menu now also apply to image adjustments.
  • • The default source folder in the export dialog is now that containing the picture currently displayed in NX Studio.
  • • Context menus in the adjustments palette can now only be displayed by right-clicking tool title bars or the names of the principle tool controls.
  • • Tools in the adjustment palettes are now identified by an icon in addition to the tool name.
  • • The info palette now supports display of the items listed below.
    • Exposure > Shutter Speed now displays the shutter type.
    • Camera Info > Vibration reduction now shows ON (Normal) for pictures taken with vibration reduction enabled and set to normal.
    • - A number of the existing mode names for Camera Info > AF-area mode have been altered to match those displayed by the camera.
  • • Addressed an issue in which the “before-and-after” display would not respond to the “update” and “restore original” buttons.
  • • Fixed an issue that caused NX Studio to crash when opening certain TIFF files.
  • • Fixed an issue in which the edges of RAW pictures to which vignette control was applied would not display normally when opened in NX Studio.
  • • Fixed an issue in which crops applied to NEF pictures would not be preserved when the pictures were saved in JPEG format.
  • • Fixed an issue in which NX Studio would sometimes display different names for custom Picture Controls saved in NCP format.
  1. Create a folder on the hard disk and name it as desired.
  2. Download S-NXSTDO-010100WF-ALLIN-ALL___.exe to the folder created in Step 1.
  3. Run S-NXSTDO-010100WF-ALLIN-ALL___.exe to launch the installer.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete installation.
User's Manual
  • We recommend you read the manual to understand the software basic operations before starting. For your convenience, this manual is also linked from the Help menu in the software.
  •  NX Studio Help  
  •  Nikon Transfer 2 Help  
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