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A-GPS Update File

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  • • This file helps the COOLPIX P610 GPS determine position faster.
  • • The file is not used to determine position immediately after purchase, but is employed the second time GPS is used.

Note: Warnings and other information on using this software can be found in the documentation supplied with cameras that support this feature.

File Description
Product Name NSO_28A
File Name NSO_28A.ee
Updating the A-GPS File (P610)
  1. Download the latest A-GPS file from the website to your computer.
  2. Using a card reader or similar device, copy the downloaded file to the "NCFL" folder on the memory card. If there is no "NCFL" folder, create one in the root directory of the memory card.
  3. Insert the card in the camera and turn the camera on.
  4. Press the MENU button. Using the rotary multi selector, select the "Location data options" icon to display the "Location data options" menu.
  5. Select "Update A-GPS file" to update the A-GPS data.
    • The update takes about two minutes.
    • The A-GPS data expiry date is shown in the "Update A-GPS file" display. If the date is shown in gray, the expiry date has passed.
    • Set the camera clock to the correct date and time before updating the A-GPS file.
    • If the expiry date has passed, download the latest A-GPS file from this website and update the A-GPS data as described above.
Expiry Dates
  • • A-GPS will no longer improve location identification speed once the file has expired.
  • • A-GPS becomes less effective with the passage of time. We recommend that you download and use the latest A-GPS file.

End User License Agreement

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