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A-GPS Update File

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  • • This file helps built-in location data units for the D5300 D-SLR cameras and COOLPIX P510, P520, and P330 compact digital cameras determine position faster.
  • • The file is not used to determine position immediately after purchase, but is employed the second time GPS is used.

Note: Warnings and other information on using this software can be found in the documentation supplied with cameras that support this feature.

File Description
Product Name NML_28A
File Name NML_28A.ee
Updating the A-GPS File (D5300)
  1. Download the A-GPS update.
    • Download the A-GPS update from the website.
  2. Copy the file to the camera memory card.
    • Copy the file to the "NIKON" folder on the camera memory card using a computer with a built-in memory card slot or a third-party memory card reader. The "NIKON" folder should be in the root (top) directory of the memory card; if a "NIKON" folder does not already exist in this location, create one before proceeding.
  3. Insert the memory card into the camera.
  4. Turn the camera on.
  5. Update the A-GPS data.
    • Select "Location data" > "GPS options" in the camera setup menu, then highlight "Update A-GPS data" and press the multi-selector right. Highlight "Yes" and press "OK" to perform the update using the A-GPS file on the memory card.
Updating the A-GPS File (P510, P520, P330)
  1. Use your computer to download the latest GPS file from our website.
  2. Using a card reader or similar device, copy the file to the "NCFL" folder on the SD memory card.
    • An "NCFL" folder is created under the root directory of the memory card when the card is inserted in the camera.
    • If the card does not contain an "NCFL" folder, create one in the root directory.
  3. After copying the file, insert the card into the camera and turn the camera on.
  4. Press MENU and select the GPS settings tab to display the GPS settings menu.
  5. Select GPS options > Record location > Off.
  6. Select Update A-GPS file to update the file.
    • The update takes about 2 minutes to complete.
    • The A-GPS file is valid for 7 days or a multiple of 7 days.
    • You can check the expiry date for the updated file in the "Update GPS File" dialog.
    • If the file has expired, you can download the latest A-GPS file from this website and update A-GPS data as described in Steps 2 to 6.
Expiry Dates
  • • Although the downloaded file contains 28 days (4 weeks) of data, each update will upload only 7 (COOLPIX P510/P520/P330) or 14 (D5300) days of data to the camera's built-in location data system. The expiry date for the data uploaded to the built-in location data system can be viewed in the "Update A-GPS file" display.
  • • Until the downloaded file expires, you can update the A-GPS data for the built-in location data unit a week at a time using the "Update A-GPS file" (P510/P520/P330) or "Update A-GPS data" option. Given that the expiry date for the A-GPS file will get closer with the passage of time, however, we recommended downloading the latest A-GPS file before each update.

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